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One midnight gone...

32 years old. Role player. Anime fangirl. Bleach, everything Bleach related, fangirl. Fangirl, in general. Girlfriend. Business professional. Writer. Bitch. Dork. Sister. Sushi lover. Food afficiando. Zumba addict, TRX addict. Procrastinator. Inspiration. Appreciator of the little things. Reader. Girl. Woman. Selfish. Gamer. Sports fan. Workaholic. Payroll master.

Always trying to better myself.

A lot of different things to a lot of different people.

Writing journal:
6fangirl_writer (old inactive journal)
6angstbishies (new active community)

6renishi - Renji/Ishida pairing comm.
6dgsc - Dirty Girls Social Club.

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