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25 October 2005 @ 12:34 pm
Health Bar Survey  
I have to do surveys for one of my class projects. Please, if you feel the desire, fill it out?

I tried to put it into poll form but it didn't work very well... So, just fill it out sorta the old fashioned way. It's really short and painless though.

Also, only if you're a college student can you fill it out. That's our target market.

Thanks in advance!

Survey on Health Bars

My class is researching student attitudes and preferences regarding health bars. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey.

1. When you think of health bars, what brand comes to mind?

2. Tell how important each item is to you when purchasing a health bar by writing in the correct number.

Very important Somewhat important Not important
5 3 1
_____ Taste
_____ Price
_____ Size
_____ Ingredients (all natural, vitamins)
_____ Recommendation from an athlete
_____ Well-known brand

3. What do you want from your health bar? (Check all that apply)
_____ Energy
_____ Fat burning
_____ Multi-vitamin
_____ Dietary supplement
_____ Muscle builder
_____ Other

4. Put an X beside the incentive that might tempt you to consider trying Go Bar
_____ $1.00 off coupon
_____ Trial membership in a sports club
_____ Free logo t-shirt
_____ Promotional music (CD)

5. How likely are you to buy a health bar in the next few weeks? (Circle one)

Very likely Likely Unlikely Very Unlikely

6. Are you:
_____ Male
_____ Female

7. Are you:
_____ Freshman
_____ Sophmore
_____ Junior
_____ Senior

I'm screening comments so any information given stays confidential and crap.