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21 August 2005 @ 04:20 am
Give me a pairing and a word and I will write a one-line (who am I kidding I don't do short drabbles XD) drabble for it.

Bleach or Weiß Kreuz, puh-lease. There are a few fandoms I'll just laugh at you if you ask for them.

Nagi/Schuldig + glorious - koijewel
Aya/Schuldig + superfluous - mr_mercutio
Ishida/Orihime + Quincy Hood - starswing
Ishida/Renji + compensating - luminamon
Schuldg/Aya-chan + imaginative - indirect
Kon/Ichigo + dry - tes_orion
Aya/Ken + gallon - tes_orion
Ichigo/Ishida/Kon-in-Ichigo's-body + Sunday - mushrooms
Farfarello/Brad + Buddha - keikain

One midnight gone...: WK - Schuldig poutfirstmidnight on September 21st, 2005 03:02 pm (UTC)
"Your entire life is superfluous, you know."

Bored and annoyed violet eyes (how did he manage that combination?) just turned on the other redhead at that comment.

Schuldig smirked softly and nodded to the assassin. "Your buckles on your mission jacket. Does anyone really need that many?"

"It's how it's designed."

"And those glares of yours! How many times a day do you glare? It's really quite beyond what's needed considering what you're glaring at and who you're glaring at."

Aya just rolled his eyes and shrugged faintly. Why he tolerated Schuldig's "company" he really didn't know.

"The only thing in your life you're stingy with is your words..." the telepath said with a smirk, dancing his fingers over the swordsman's shoulder. Only to get them smacked away. "Oh and your angst. It's really beyond what any one man needs."

"Your whining is superfluous, Schuldig."

"Nein. That's just part of my charm."