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21 August 2005 @ 04:20 am
Give me a pairing and a word and I will write a one-line (who am I kidding I don't do short drabbles XD) drabble for it.

Bleach or Weiß Kreuz, puh-lease. There are a few fandoms I'll just laugh at you if you ask for them.

Nagi/Schuldig + glorious - koijewel
Aya/Schuldig + superfluous - mr_mercutio
Ishida/Orihime + Quincy Hood - starswing
Ishida/Renji + compensating - luminamon
Schuldg/Aya-chan + imaginative - indirect
Kon/Ichigo + dry - tes_orion
Aya/Ken + gallon - tes_orion
Ichigo/Ishida/Kon-in-Ichigo's-body + Sunday - mushrooms
Farfarello/Brad + Buddha - keikain

One midnight gone...: WK - Aya-chan nekkyfirstmidnight on September 21st, 2005 01:23 pm (UTC)
(I don't like this all that much or really even understand it... But it's what came out.)

She really believed that her brother was alive and well in this world...

She knew that she would never see him again. She'd accepted that after a year of being awake without a single word or visit from him, not even the simplest post card without return address. She did have a lingering hope that one day she might see him...

In the back of the flower shoppe, in the back room, there was a vase. In this vase, on the last day of each month she worked in the flower shoppe without hearing from her brother, she placed a dried rose. There were now four dozen dried roses in that vase. Of all colors, of all breeds. All brittle and crisp and delicate and beautiful. Once so vibrant and full of life and now so hollow, mere shells of their former selves.

One day... if he ever came back to her... they'd blossom back to life.

She imagined it was quite some extravagant thing keeping him from her. He was somehow involved with the government. In some type of espionage work. He had somehow been disfigured and couldn't dare show his face to her, like some sort of phantom in a mask.

She was quite imaginative, that girl... Twenty-three years old, but still the mind and innocence of a child, along with the optimism and undying faith of a child.

And five years of watching her mind and Schuldig still wasn't tired of it. She spun tales of woe and mystery to herself, to explain away her brother's absence in her life, and though Schuldig knew the truth of what it was that kept him away from her... Sometimes he found himself chuckling over the imagined adventures of Double Oh Agent Fujimiya Ran.