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21 August 2005 @ 04:20 am
Give me a pairing and a word and I will write a one-line (who am I kidding I don't do short drabbles XD) drabble for it.

Bleach or Weiß Kreuz, puh-lease. There are a few fandoms I'll just laugh at you if you ask for them.

Nagi/Schuldig + glorious - koijewel
Aya/Schuldig + superfluous - mr_mercutio
Ishida/Orihime + Quincy Hood - starswing
Ishida/Renji + compensating - luminamon
Schuldg/Aya-chan + imaginative - indirect
Kon/Ichigo + dry - tes_orion
Aya/Ken + gallon - tes_orion
Ichigo/Ishida/Kon-in-Ichigo's-body + Sunday - mushrooms
Farfarello/Brad + Buddha - keikain

{SPORADICALLY} Bern ♫mushrooms on August 21st, 2005 12:17 pm (UTC)

Word: Sunday.
One midnight gone...: Bleach - Rukia grant me serenityfirstmidnight on September 21st, 2005 02:45 pm (UTC)
(sorry no odd as all hell threesome action for ya ^_~)

"Revenge! It's time for revenge!" Brown eyes sparkled dangerously and Konchigo grabbed up a pair of scissors and some fabric before he vaulted out of the window to the sidewalk below.

Matching brown eyes widened and Ichigo quickly went to the window and leaned out of it, watching the idiot mod soul run off down the sidewalk in a desperate search for the Quincy. "OI! Kon!" Ichigo yelled out the window at him, waving his zanpakuto at the mod soul threateningly. "Don't run with scissors when in MY body; don't you know anything!"

Konchigo just cackled and continued his sprint down the sidewalk, clutching the scissors. He'd find that Quincy! He'd put him in some ridiculous outfit! He'd see how he liked being... being... being cheerleader Ishida or whatever as revenge for that damn Victorian dress insult to his manliness!

"Oiii! Kon! If you cut me I'm slicing off one of your limbs!"

Rukia sighed faintly and crossed her arms over her chest. She really hated Sundays; Kon was so weird after being cooped up all week while they were in school. "Ichigo, come on, we do have a Hollow report to deal with. You can slice up Kon's body afterwards."