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23 June 2025 @ 05:47 pm
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Mell: Ishida Talk Nerdy - stophoestmellacious on October 7th, 2005 03:03 am (UTC)
I love your Ishida layout! I'm always looking to meet new Ishida fans, which is why I'm here; as much as I love adding new people to my friends list (and being added, hopefully), I'm really here to pimp tell you about our fan group, ishidafansanon. We're a relatively new group dedicated to the obsessive love of Uryuu, and we're always looking to meet new fans! You're welcome to check us out, see what we've been up to lately, and maybe even join our group if you wish!

(Was that ok? I really suck at sales pitches; normally I just wait for the fans to come to us, but your drabble collection impressed me so I just had to do my best to introduce you to our group. Please forgive my seemingly random comment. XD )